Out and Up: How a Lift-Out Can Benefit Everyone Involved

Company News
July 12, 2024

Managing Director Jennifer Fichera recently contributed an article to PEI on how a lift-out works for private fund managers and the challenges they may face during their lift out journey.

"The evolution of private fund management, marked by increased regulation, rising costs and a challenging investment climate, has led GPs to reassess operational strategies. Amid these shifts, the emergence of the lift-out as a viable alternative to traditional outsourcing signifies a transformative approach for fund managers grappling with multiple funds, legacy systems and data complexities." Managing Director Jennifer Fichera recently wrote to PEI.

Read the article here.

Read our white paper discussing the rise of the lift-out fund administration model for established private equity and private credit fund managers here. The article explores the characteristics that make lift-outs an appealing option for many managers as well as the key considerations in executing a successful lift-out.

Please reach out to Stephen Coats, Paul Winters, or Jennifer Fichera to learn more about Petra's lift-out fund administration model.

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