A foundation built on trust, experience and uncompromising accuracy.


Too often in this industry, problems are addressed with bodies rather than expertise. Petra has built a team of professionals who have learned on the field of play. That allows us to be proactive in our approach to helping managers.


At Petra, we view our client engagements as partnerships where we can be a key player in helping good businesses scale.


While all fund and asset managers are unique, we operate under the premise that there is a “right” way to build and manage fund administration and infrastructure.  Our processes are built upon years of getting it right, with the battle scars to prove it.
fund infrastructure

Attention to Detail

Investors rarely thank a manager for accurate reporting, but they will definitely notice inaccuracies. In the asset management business, approximately correct does not pass muster. The Petra team is uncompromising in its attention to the small points.

Never compromise on accuracy.

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